The discharge of surface water from site into our water networks provide a viable cost-effective alternative to the public sewerage network.

Peel Water has arrangements with a number of businesses along its water ways which allows them to discharge clean, uncontaminated surface water.

The types of businesses that use our surface water discharge service include:


Sports stadia

Paper manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing

Distribution and logistics

Mixed commercial/residential developments

Power generation

Food processing

Leisure and retail


The discharge of surface water into our networks is a long-term sustainable drainage solution for your business.

Discharging into our waterways also reduces the carbon footprint of your business compared to the public sewerage network, where surface water is often mixed with foul effluent and must be treated prior to discharge.

Peel  Water also works with developers to formulate drainage solutions that avoid the need to discharge into the public sewerage network and so mitigate the high reinforcement costs of satisfying Sustainable Drainage Scheme (SuDS) requirements.